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Energy Star Appliances

Appliances rated with an Energy Star have the capability to turn your kitchen into an energy saving department. They are highly priced but will greatly save your energy and reduce your monthly costs.

Flooring and Building Designs

Building and flooring are critical issues regarding the durability of any structure. For instance, floors made from bamboo grass will create a new feel to your feet.
They are durable and easy to replace. Apart from flooring, bamboo grass can be important when building structures around your home & kitchen.

Wood floors can be advantageous if they are harvested and designed in the right manner. The best wood floors should be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Such certification is a mark of good harvesting.

Wood floors made from tropical hardwoods are durable and tough. They have the capability to sustain the vigorous activities run in a busy kitchen. Engineered wood floors are more stable and can withstand high temperature.

ECOMMFLASH has a simple solution when it comes to your flooring designs. Wood floors are durable and they are able to sustain scuffmarks, children, and other busy areas of your home. But these wooden floors must be tropical. These are natural and created to sustain harsh weather.

Dining Design

ECOMMFLASH online retailer offers dining furniture of varied designs. This furniture is majorly designed from organic, reclaimed and salvaged wood. There are several shapes for you to choose from depending on your preference. These designs have the capability to extend your kitchen & dining into an appealing and relaxed setup.

General Organization

Organization in any home determines how pleasant the overall look can be. Using green products for your storage & organization will keep toxins away from your foods in the kitchen.

Using plastic equipment for storage of food products exposes you to toxic chemicals. These will over time affect your overall health.

Examples of green storage equipment are manufactured from organic cotton and sustainable maple wood.਀栀琀琀瀀㨀⼀⼀攀挀漀洀洀昀氀愀猀栀⸀挀漀洀⼀⌀攀挀漀洀洀昀氀愀猀栀⸀挀漀洀